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Welcome to Celsius Degree website. We are a company oriented to social developments focusing people's intelligence and knowledge development via networking and sharing. This is also the home of the knowledge about the magic Eucalyptus and Pinus trees, from their forests to the sustainable production and utilization of their products , including pulp and paper.

Here you may also find and may register yourself to receive via the web, and at no cost, the Eucalyptus Online Book and the corresponding Eucalyptus Newsletter. You may also access PinusLetter, a technical newsletter about the Pinus, but only written in Portuguese and available in the Portuguese section of this website.

"When I decided to create Celsius Degree I was based on my natural skills and wishes to promote actions towards knowledge development, through a gain/gain relationship among persons. I’m trying to make it the driving force and the connector for knowledge exchange in a global basis. The Eucalyptus and Pinus were elected to be responsible to create the links and to consolidate this technical and relational network. Our objective is to successfully fulfill the requirements and needs coming from our partners and customers. The idea is to help the diffusion of knowledge and to promote the union of those interested in the subjects covered in this website. As a result, we hope to help people to better understand, utilize, value and know the Eucalyptus and the Pinus".

Celso Foelkel



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